Interact Club Info

This a very pro active and vibrant group. They make donations to old peoples homes and the surrounding community including the primary school. They also conduct fundraising events for the school.

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Quiz,Debate & Public Speaking Info

The teams are doing exceptionally well.`

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2018- Quiz team came 3rd in the National Book of African Records Quiz held at ZIFM.
2018- The Debate team came 2nd in the EMA debate at national level
2018- The debate team came 3rd in the CAF debate held in Bulawayo
2018- Goromonzi came 2nd for public speaking at provincial level.

Drama and Traditional Dance Info

These clubs need to be revived and participate at NASH competitions. The school also hopes to start holding an annual school play.

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Leo Info

This club competes with interact in fundraising activities and assisting the community. They are also a pro active and vibrant group.

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Environmental Info

This club has just started and hopes to improve and upgrade the schools environment.

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Science Club Info

The Science Club is working to produce more visible projects.

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First Aid Club Data

The students go through orientation so that they are able to be on stand by during sporting activities. This club has 30 people. A resident nurse is responsible for replenishing the kits and is always on stand by.

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Press Release from the First Aid Club


AIDS Awareness Club Info

This clubs hopes to be more involved with the community in order to educate and fight against stigma.

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Chess Club Info

The School has Junior Teams and Senior Teams for both boys and girls
                    The teams are considered to be very strong and participate in various tournaments.

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2012- Anesu Gwezere and Kudzaishe Manyanya went to Dubai for an International Tournamnet. 2013- Van Madanhi went to South Africa for an International Tournament. 2018- They are the current champions in the HASCA National League.


Athletics Team Info

The teams are:

House Colours
Chaminuka Green and White
Mutapa Black and white
Soko Blue and White
Mhofu Red and White

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Chaminuka has proven to be the most competitive having won most sports days over the years. 2018- Winner for Interhouse track and field was Chaminuka 2013- The winner was Soko 2018- Winner for Interhouse Cross Country was Chaminuka 2013- The Winner was Mhofu Selection of the School Teams The School Cross Country Team has not been performing well. They are failing to go past the zonal level. The Track and Field Team on the other hand is doing very well in Zonal Interschools Competitions where 8 schools take part. 2012- The team came 1st 2013- The team came 3rd 2018- The team came 3rd Individuals selected for District Competitions: 2013- 7 Pupils made it all the way to nationals 2018- We have 5 pupils in the national team with NASH medals Outstanding Athletes 2011/2012- Rudado Maisiri was the schools best sprinter and also known for outstanding performance in other track and field events. 2018- Miriro Mudiwa (U6) is the outstanding 100m sprinter and Denzel Kurima (L6) is the outstanding 200m and 400m runner. The school team has a very strong relay team which is feared by many of their rivals. The athletics department would like to extend their most profound gratitude to Mr Chimbare for sponsoring the teams and would also like to encourage other parents to do the same.

Press Release from the Athletics


Hockey Info

Boys Teams- U15, U17, U20

                   Girls Teams- U15, U17, U20

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2011- Boys came second at National Level. They were beaten by Mutare Boys. 2018- U20 boys came 6th at National Level out of ten provinces. Churchill won 2018- U17 boys beaten at provincial level The boys teams have participated in Nationals for four consecutive years. The girls are playing at zonal level but failing to get past district level. Mwanzu is their biggest rival.

Cricket Info

The sport was introduced to the school in 2013.

Boys Teams- U16, U20                    Girls Teams- U16, U20

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Press Release from the Cricket Club


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