School Life at Goromonzi High

Goromonzi High is a group A High School in Zimbabwe. We make it on the top 100 schools every year when both "O" and "A" Level results come out.

We offer all High School considered by the Zimabbwean Curriculum.

Practical Subjects are a must to every student in Form 1-4, and we offer all practical subjects including Computers.

We offer sporting activities in many various disciplines at Goromonzi High. The list include Basketball, Rugby(for both males and females), Volley Ball, Table Tennis.

Students from Goromonzi have represented the whole Province in many disciplines yearly

We have an Entertainment Committee made up of students, which organise and plan entertainment to the Goromonzi pupils.

Variety Shows, Dinner Dance, Talent Shows and many more form the Entertainment sector of Goromonzi

Many Goromonzi graduates testify the goodness of Goromonzi High boarding

C Chataka

"4 years at Goromonzi were probably the best i have ever had in my schooling life."